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Rabbit #84

Rabbit #84


Rabbit people are prosperous, rich and have abundance of this because they are great workers and great time sellers, they are the ones who look at things from the front are circumspect to keep their honor and property. They have an open mind and clarity is easily given.

They are excellent counselors and guide of others, fatherhood is good because they love the children of whom they are usually idols.

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The tonas have very colorful and striking colors in pure Oaxacan style, this beautiful rabbit is decorated with fine strokes and patterns by Zapotec hands.

In it we find amazing Zapotec patterns with different meanings, such as: work, fertility and maximum power to name a few.

Meanings of the tona in this piece: Good fortune, opulence, generosity.

This art piece is without a doubt an excellent option for those who share the characteristics of this tona and collectors.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 22 cm
Additional details

Oaxacan crafts from the Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop. Crafts carved in a single piece of white copal wood with tools and ancient techniques of the Zapotec culture.

Elaborated in white copal wood. (Bursera Bipinnata DC Engl).

Jacobo and María Ángeles Workshop San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, 2019 (Includes certificate of authenticity).


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